This page holds the music I’ve been experimenting with. I don’t think it can be rushed and has to be done with the right heart.

The released tracks are distributed by CD Baby to all digital platforms.

Hey Joe

Since Heroes went far better than anticipated, I was encouraged to take on another classic and see how it goes. In some ways, this will be a harder target. The singing part depends 100% on the delivery and it requires a more freeform approach. Still, as Bowie once said, it’s better to be a bit out of your depth :0)

These few bars are the experimental approach and test case. It’s rough, but all I need to get going. I think it will turn out ok.


Just for one day

‘Heroes’ is my all-time favourite of Bowie songs. I have a work-in-progress that will be released when the copyright & distribution chain has been set up. Happily, it has been given a thumbs up by a trusted friend who described it as a Lodger remix.

Don’t Let Go

when you’re in too deep to understand

All the Fish in the Sea

All the Fish in the Sea by bluegene

learn to be free like the fish in the sea

No Regrets

Love is an obsession

This is How it Ends

Cover for single released on CD Baby on 27 April 2017 'This is How it Ends'

a passage to freedom

Present Tense

Present Tense

Available on digital stores
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